Jonathan Blain - Wealth Dynamics Profile

Being a creator means I love being involved in Entrepreneurship, Start Up Businesses and Business Ventures; but for me, business has to be about more than just making money. Any business I am involved with needs to have a higher purpose, to solve a problem that needs to be solved and to be a force for good in the world, operating with high ethical values. I like businesses that seek win/win for all participants, shareholders, directors, business leaders, staff, customers, suppliers and the wider world. I am inspired by the corporate social responsibility of companies like Patagonia founded by Yvonne Chouinard and Italian clothing Billionaire Brunello Cucinelli . I was impressed by Michael Wilson who appeared in my Leadership Master Class Video Education Series from St James's Place and his co-founder Sir Mark Weinberg, who set up the St James's Place Foundation to do good things. John Timpson, Chairman of Timpson Group, Author and Daily Telegraph Columnist, is another good role model. When he endorsed my book Feel Good Change the World Book, he said "You can do good, whilst doing good business", I agree with this.  

I have business opportunities that need co-founders, investors and management teams.

  1. A tech business with unicorn potential that needs co-founders, an executive team and investors with seed funding £1m+, with subsequent funding to £50m. The business will follow the Exponential Business Model and the Principles of the Singularity University.
  2. A yacht company that will bring to market a new genre of sailing yacht that has been called an "Adventure Yacht". It will be a game changer. It also needs co-founder, an executive team and investors with seed funding £1m+ with subsequent funding to £5m+.

If you are familiar with Roger Hamilton's Wealth Dynamics Assessment Tool, I am primarily a "Creator", and secondarily a "Mechanic".  You might be familiar with Rogers Diffusion of Innovation Curve:

In the Rogers Diffusion of Innovation Curve My Sweet Spot In Business Ventures Is As An Innovator / Extreme Game Changer on GC Index


I am always looking for: opportunists and financiers, fellow mechanics and most importantly deal makers., if you are one of these and are interested in collaboration on new business ventures, please feel free to contact me.