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The CV / Resume Game Change System is the most results driven approach to CV and Resume writing, with the objective of helping you to achieve not just any results, but the the very best results possible. In essence, it is a revolutionary, new, ground-breaking and game changing approach to CV and Resume writing that is at the leading edge.
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Turn CV / Resume Failure into success if that is what you have experienced, or Turn CV / Resume Success into even greater success, or If you haven’t yet started, discover how you can shortcut to the best approach to CV and Resume writing.

Jonathan Blain - CV and Resume Writer

Jonathan Blain

Executive Level

CV / Resume Writer

Writing 500+ Executive Level CVs and Resumes Contributed to Discovering My Life Purpose.....

"In 2007 / 2008 when the global financial crisis happened, I like many others, experienced my previously highly successful career hitting the buffers. It was a challenging time, and I didn't know which way to turn or what to do next; I was like a dazed rabbit crossing the road, looking at the headlights of the oncoming cars. A phone call was to change everything, someone I knew called me up and asked me whether I wanted a job as an executive level CV / Resume Writer for the world's leading international executive CV / Resume company.  To be honest, I was a bit surprised, it wasn't what I was thinking about, but I needed to earn some money, so I took it. Maybe it was just a random opportunity, or maybe it was destiny, but it became a turning point in my life. I discovered, that not only did I have a talent for CV or Resume writing, but all my extensive recruiter / recruitment, career and life experiences and knowledge acquired, gave me a unique insight into the challenges that people were facing, and strategies people could adopt to positively change their status quo.
I'd had experience as:
  1. A job seeker
  2. A hiring manager
  3. An employer
  4. A recruiter and
  5. An owner / and MD of a FTSE 100 subsidiary recruitment company.

(In the public, private and not for profit sectors, for small, medium and extremely large organisations)

In all, I wrote over 500 CVs / Resumes, all for senior executives, and many whom were either CEO's / MD's or at the top of their game. What started off as an CV / Resume writing assignment, often turned into career and live coaching or mentoring. I recognised from the start that people want CV / Resumes to get jobs, and the job market it competitive. There are frequently many people applying for a single job, when you look at job boards at the number of applicants you can see sometimes there can be upwards of 100 people applying for a single position, and even for the most senior roles, there are normally multiple applicants. My strategy was to approach CV / Resume writing from a competitive perspective, with the objective of winning the job and the best salary / package. In business you can have a great product, even the best product, but unless your sales and marketing is effective, your product won't sell. The same is true when selling yourself. My background as an award winning salesman and marketer, owner of a sales training company and as an innovator / extreme game changer with an inexhaustible well  of creativity, helped the people that I served, to get an advantage, and many achieved spectacular results, way ahead of their expectations.
I realised that most people approach CV / Resume writing in a very similar way, which means there is an opportunity for those who wish to take their CV / Resume writing to the highest level to achieve the best results. It is a bit, like playing a sport. You can chose to play it at any level from Beginner through to the Highest Leagues / World Championship / Olympic Level . I developed a new, different, better and game changing approach to CV / resume writing, for those who wish to take their CV / Resume Writing to the highest level, with a view to achieving the very best results.  "

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Training Videos
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Audio Training
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Training Course Materials
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Take your CV / Resume writing to the highest level. Learn to see, think and act differently. When you discover the secrets the programme reveals, it should make perfect sense to you. Don't do the same as everyone else, be better.

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This programme contains both the audio from the videos and also a separate 6 CD / 6 MP File downloads, so you can learn on the go, when you want and where you want. Perfect to download onto your phone.

CV / Resume Quotes

  • The reality is that the approach given by Jonathan , is not only creative and positive, but puts one in a ‘pole position’ to actually get an interview, get a job offer and the best job offer. Dedication ,tenacity and passion for what one does pays off, and Jonathan and his service combine all these things with action, back up, real time deliverables and quality of service far beyond anything comparable in the market. Jonathan’s service must be described as in the market leader bracket in his field.
    Michael Chief Executive
  • I had 3 final offers on the table at the end, and the final role I accepted had been created solely for me, in a brand new part of the business! I am now Business Transformation Manager for a well known publishing company and could not be happier. Not bad for someone who had not had an interview in over 6 thank you Jonathan for helping me get a role that I could not have possibly dreamed of obtaining before
    Sarah Business Transformation Manager
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Sarah's CV / Resume Story

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