Scope of Jonathan Blain's Services

Better Lives + Better Careers + Better Businesses and Organisations + Better World

Services and Solutions Typically at the Leading Edge of Progress, Human Endeavour and Enterprise
Embracing The New Enlightenment: Wisdom + Love + Imagination
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Better Lives

Helping you make the most of your life and become happier and more fulfilled.

Be More
Better Careers

Helping you achieve the career success you want and to meet your financial needs and desires.

Achieve More
Better Businesses and Organisations

Helping you to solve problems in your organisation, drive improvements and create new opportunities.

Succeed More
Better World

Helping you to make a bigger difference, so you can help to make the world a better place.

Make a Bigger Difference

Scope of Jonathan's Contribution

Asking questions and deriving the right responses, best strategies and most workable solutions.
Acutely aware of the power of thought, a natural thought leader.
Curiosity is the mother of invention and Jonathan's curiosity prompts him to ask questions and challenge assumptions.

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Strives to cause people and things to function well together, masterful at bringing different resources together.
Ideation is one of Jonathan's top 5 strengths on the Clifton (Gallup) Strength Finder assessment.
Innovation is one of Jonathan's core values on the Core Values Index. Innovators are the solution creators in the world.

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Sees things before others are aware of them, discovers the truth, makes connections and changes the game.
New solutions are the result of new thinking and new ideas. Jonathan's is passionate about finding the best solution.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Einstein. On the C-Me assessment tool Jonathan is Off the Scale Imaginative, an Extreme Game Changer on the CG-Index.


Massively positive. Capable of being highly inspiring and motivational.

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High degree of emotional sensitivity and emotional intelligence, with a deep desire to make a difference.

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Having personally experienced many highs an lows, Jonathan has empathy with others.