A thought leader with world-class expertise in  pioneering / fourth industrial revolution leadership. A visionary, game changer 10/10 Game Change Index & Purple Squirrel, with inexhaustible well of creativity & director / implementer skills.

Bestselling Author 12 Books/$3.8m+ sales, on Business, Entrepreneurship, Selling, Technology, Careers etc., A Thought Leader, Philosopher, Speaker, Problem Solver, Improvement Specialist. Versatile Interim / Consultant / Leader / NED / Entrepreneur / Intrapreneur. Ex Royal Navy Officer, CEO of Quoted Plc + MD of FTSE 100 Subsidiary.

In everything, he looks to make a difference, challenge the status quo, push for progress, make things better, create & exploit opportunities, & achieve extraordinary things.

Catalyst & driver of change, transforms the future; open to new ideas, at vanguard / leading edge of progress, human endeavour & enterprise; an innovator, pioneer & visionary, offering: Inspiring New / Lateral Thinking, Ideas, Solutions, & Paradigms, helping people / organisations:

1. Achieve Better Careers
2. Live better lives
3. Run better & more successful businesses & organisations
4. Make the world a better place

Hits ground running, making an almost immediate impact; intuitively understands people & situations; quickly & accurately sizes up situations. Sees big picture, gains intuitive perceptions, applies rational, logical & insightful thinking, joins dots, creates vision, strategies & solutions, translating them into plans, action / results. 

Enjoys working on complex problems; unceasing in pursuit of wisdom. Inventive & independent, can be extremely perceptive of the potential contained in the views of others. Finds problems stimulating, ingenious in tackling complex situations. Inspires & encourages others, exhibits excellent interpersonal skills. Has imagination & foresight seeing possibilities; open minded, curious & observant; has excellent long range vision. Makes things happen. Original thinking generates a constant stream of ideas. Has high standards, infectious enthusiasm, positivity & vitality.