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Extreme Game Changer

“Jonathan is an extreme Game Changer on The GC Index®. Our academic research on Game Changers, shows that they are the ones who have the propensity to change landscapes and move the human race forwards; but they cannot do it alone. Game Changers see possibilities where others do not, often driven by frustrations with the status quo. As with all Game Changers, Jonathan has generated the initial spark of creativity but it will take others who read his book Feel Good Change The World to help make his ideas a reality.”

Nathan Ott, CEO of The GC Index®

Download Report From GC Index That Explains What a Game Changer Is and The Value They Can Deliver  (Jonathan is Trained and Authorised Re-seller of the GC Index)

We are all unique human beings, yet humanity can be divided up into people with different strengths, that are suited to different roles, careers and life paths. There will be things that you are good at, which are probably things that you like to do, and things that you are not so good at, that you don’t like doing.  The key to happiness, fulfilment and success in life, is to discover and develop your strengths and passions, and align your career and life towards them, which also enables you to make your greatest and highest contribution.

In my book “Feel Good Change The World”, I suggest that going on an inner journey, to discover who you truly are at the deepest level, will be one of the most important things you can do in your entire life.

There are so many ways we can describe ourselves; in context of our careers, we often think about the functional skills / competencies that we must have to fulfil different roles, but there are many ways of being able to assess who we truly are. A long time ago I developed an insatiable curiosity to want to learn more about how to discover who I truly was and the natural strengths, talents and attributes I had, so that I could orientate my life towards those things.

There is complexity to understanding who we all are, we all have many sides to us. What I discovered about myself, via my life experiences, my search for understanding including using a portfolio of assessment tools, is that I am an “Extreme Game Changer”. So what does that mean? In essence, it means I have a big imagination, a massive curiosity to discover and explore, and a deep desire to solve problems, drive improvements and create opportunities. I feel magnetically attracted to the leading edge of progress, human endeavour and enterprise. I am a natural pioneer, innovator, visionary, leader and thought leader, with a deep desire to help people to live better lives, have better careers, run better businesses and organisations and make the world a better place.

Academic research undertaken by the GC Index led to a definition of “Game Changers” and their attributes both positive and negative. Game Changers are idea focussed and have the potential to transform the future. On the GC Index, my profile is at the extreme end of the Game Changer Profile.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." Albert Einstein

My Extreme Game Changer Profile on the GC Index ties in with other assessment tools:

  1. On the Wealth Dynamics tool, my greatest strength is The Creator “ A pioneer, innovative but focussed, creating not just products but businesses and marketing plans that will drive those products to market – visionary, motivates others by their drive…. Successful creators are behind many start-ups and can be found at the heads of high growth companies in high growth industries that require constant innovation to compete. The highest profile creators are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison.”
  2. On the Gallup / Clifton Strength Finder my five top strengths are: Ideation – the creation of ideas, Strategy – how to best turn ideas into reality, Activation – starting things and make things happen, Positivity and WOO (Winning Others Over) – the power of persuasion.
  3. On the C-Me Higher Performance Report, Founder Simon Wilshire described me as: “Off The Scale Imaginative, saying it was very rare to have such high creative energy, and that only a few people like Richard Branson have that high energy, very much a mould breaker / game changer”.

The bottom line is that I am able to offer you New Thinking, New Ideas and New Solutions, that can positively transform your status quo, and help you to achieve a better, brighter future, and contribute towards making the world a better place.

Feel Good and Change The World

Jonathan Blain's Hopes:

“I imagine a peaceful world in harmony: environmentally, politically, economically, socially and individually. I see us connected by the universal spirit of nature and humanity; a force for good, that is inspiring and positive.  When passion, positive energy and enthusiasm flow, almost everything is possible and problems can be solved. I believe everyone deserves happiness and fulfilment. The greatest changes will come, not when world leaders rearrange things, but when each and every person, connects to their true life purpose, finds their life’s work, and gives themselves to it, with all their heart, and seeks true wisdom. We should think, not what the world can do for us, but what we can do for the world and others, and in doing it, we can feel good, make a difference and positively change the world. Lots of small things added together can make a big difference. We are all equal as human beings, you matter as much as anyone else. Dare to dream, discover your destiny, make your biggest, best and highest contribution to the world, use your imagination, and remember you are not alone. Where there is a will, there is nearly always a way. Whenever there is darkness, light will always follow, never give up, unless there is no way forward, if that happens, reassess and come up with new goals that inspire you. Always make the most of every situation you find yourself in. Make every day count.” 


A thought leader with world-class expertise in  pioneering / fourth industrial revolution leadership. A visionary, game changer 10/10 Game Change Index & Purple Squirrel, with inexhaustible well of creativity & director / implementer skills.

Bestselling Author 12 Books/$3.8m+ sales, on Business, Entrepreneurship, Selling, Technology, Careers etc., A Thought Leader, Philosopher, Speaker, Problem Solver, Improvement Specialist. Versatile Interim / Consultant / Leader / NED / Entrepreneur / Intrapreneur. Ex Royal Navy Officer, CEO of Quoted Plc + MD of FTSE 100 Subsidiary.

In everything, he looks to make a difference, challenge the status quo, push for progress, make things better, create & exploit opportunities, & achieve extraordinary things.

Catalyst & driver of change, transforms the future; open to new ideas, at vanguard / leading edge of progress, human endeavour & enterprise; an innovator, pioneer & visionary, offering: Inspiring New / Lateral Thinking, Ideas, Solutions, & Paradigms, helping people / organisations:

1. Achieve Better Careers
2. Live better lives
3. Run better & more successful businesses & organisations
4. Make the world a better place

Hits ground running, making an almost immediate impact; intuitively understands people & situations; quickly & accurately sizes up situations. Sees big picture, gains intuitive perceptions, applies rational, logical & insightful thinking, joins dots, creates vision, strategies & solutions, translating them into plans, action / results. 

Enjoys working on complex problems; unceasing in pursuit of wisdom. Inventive & independent, can be extremely perceptive of the potential contained in the views of others. Finds problems stimulating, ingenious in tackling complex situations. Inspires & encourages others, exhibits excellent interpersonal skills. Has imagination & foresight seeing possibilities; open minded, curious & observant; has excellent long range vision. Makes things happen. Original thinking generates a constant stream of ideas. Has high standards, infectious enthusiasm, positivity & vitality.