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Meet Jonathan

Jonathan Blain is a Pioneer - Best Selling Author and Thought Leader - Problem Solver and Change Maker

He Helps To Create: 1. Better Careers + 2. Better Lives + 3. Better Businesses / Organisations + 4. A Better World 

He Solves Problems and Drives Improvement through: 1. Inspiring New and Improved Ideas, 2. New Thinking and The Pursuit of Wisdom and 3. New Solutions including Strategies and Implementation Techniques that Can Make a Difference.

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  • New Thinking

    New Thinking

    Fresh New Thinking that is Leading Edge, To Put You Ahead of the Game...
  • New Ideas

    New Ideas

    Powerful New Ideas; Innovative, Leading, and Creative, with potential to make a big difference to you.
  • New Solutions

    New Solutions

    That Your Can Implement To Get Results You Want

Motivated to Help Others Solve Problems and Drive Improvements

Jonathan is inspired by finding the leading edge and going beyond it.



Problems Solved

The minimum required.

Improvements Delivered

Others satisfied.

Best Results Achieved

Others delighted.

Opportunities Created

Status Quo Changed.


An Explorer, Adventurer and Innovator

Explorer – Curious, Asks Questions, Searches for Answers, Makes Discoveries

Pioneer / Innovator – Creative developing: New Thoughts, Ideas, Methods, and Understanding etc.

Adventurer – Takes Action, Leads, Makes Things Happen to Get Results and Feel Alive

  • Better Lives
  • Better Careers
  • Better Organisations
  • Better World
image Be Happy

Helping You Make The Most of Your Life.

Be Happy

Be Fulfilled

I believe your life matters, you deserve to be happy and fulfilled. A small bit of extra knowledge, some new insights, or perhaps some inspiration, can have a profound positive impact on your life.

image Reach New Heights

Helping You Make Your Career Amazing

Make Your Best and Highest Contribution To The World

Helping You Take Your Career To The Next Level

Your career has a profound impact on your life, your happiness and your fulfilment. It impacts your choices, your quality of life, your lifestyle, your health, wealth and income. I can help you solve career problems if you have any, or help you to achieve your career goals if you don't.

Helping You Improve Your Business or Organisation

I can help give you an edge, that little bit more that makes all the difference. I offer you new thinking, new ideas and new solutions, and a different perspective, that can make all the difference.

Helping You Solve Problems

I offer innovation, creativity and resourcefulness, and the benefit of my extensive business and life experience.

Helping You Implement Change and Drive Improvement

However good you are you can be better, however much you have achieved, you can always achieve more. I can help you to implement change and drive improvement

image Make a Difference

Helping To Make The World a Better Place.

Leave Your Legacy

Be A Force For Good

There is an interesting thing, we spend much of our life striving so we can have things, but the truth is, giving and making a higher contribution makes us feel happier and more fulfilled. When we do it, it is better for us, and better for others and the wider world. I believe that small things matter, and that we all have more power than we could ever imagine, to make a difference and be a force for good.

Why Jonathan

  • The Pursuit of Wisdom +

    Wisdom isn't something that most people think about that often, but Jonathan does
  • Imagination +

    An inner belief that progress is a good thing, and that imagination is very important
  • The Ability to Lead +

    Jonathan has the courage to lead from the front, to step into the unknown and
  • Desire to Make a Difference +

    Jonathan is a force for good, with wisdom borne from life and business experiences, a
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What Jonathan's Clients Say

  • I've met a lot of interesting people in my life, I have to say Jonathan is a unique person, I call him a "no limits" person. he doesn't think like anyone I have ever met, he doesn't see any barriers, he just sees things to get excited about.
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